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Sisters for Sister aim to strengthen the cooperation between women at different levels, both in private and professional contexts. We do this by creating an environment based on security and understanding where all women feel welcome to participate and gain new knowledge and inspiration by reflecting and sharing experiences and ideas with each other.
"There is no tool for development more effective than the empowerment of women." Kofi Annan
Sisters for Sister’s long term goal is to contribute to a wiser and more equitable society where women increasingly see each other as valuable resources rather than as competitors. Life becomes more enjoyable and the community stronger if all talented and happy sisters cooperate and contribute on the way. We want to encourage and support women to proudly take their own place in the world, and support their sisters to do the same. The core of the organization is a lovingly, cordial and warm community where women can meet regularly in relevant circles and contexts, as well as take part in both fun, educational and interesting activities.

We offer:

  • An easily accessible forum. We are available by email and phone, social media and online, as well as on our website and blog.
  • Sister Talk – Our podcasts, videos and discussion forums.
  • Networks
  • Lectures
  • Workshops
  • Events
  • Mentor Program
  • Sponsorship Program


A ground stone in Sisters for Sister is our member circles. We work for women to be able to cooperate and inspire each other, and an important tool in this is to converse and do fun, important, interesting and exciting things together. Therefore we and our members are organizing circles about different topics - it can be anything from a book club, a training group or discussion group on mental health issues - all circles are welcome and encouraged!
  • Are you looking for a circle to get involved in? See if we have what you seek here!
  • Can’t find what you're looking for? Contact us to start your own circle, we'll help you get started!
  • Do you have an existing circle that you would like to link to Sisters for Sister and engage our members? Fantastic! Please contact us and we will help you reach new members.


One of the most important things we do in Sisters for Sister is to help women who are in need of some sort of support. We do this through meetings, workshops, lectures and talks, but even more in our mentoring program. Are you in need of support? It can be about anything between heaven and earth, maybe you need a studybuddy, someone to help you get started with your workout plan, a simple ego boost or someone who can help you out of a difficult situation at home or at work. Please contact us so we match you up with the person you need! Would you like to support your sisters? We are always looking for mentors! Please contact us if you are interested.  


Please see our Facebook page or contact us for more information about our networking events.  
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